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For individuals

Explore the Collector's Package

The Collector’s package is ideal for collectors and individuals with private collections who don’t lend or share their resources. It is only available for individuals.


Catalogue anything you collect: books, journals, documents, e-books, websites and other media. 

Search your catalogue when you are out and about. Never make the mistake of buying the same thing twice by mistake.

*12 months minimum contract

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What Your Package Includes

Online catalogue

Online catalogue you can create and consult wherever you have an internet connection.

1 Admin Licence

With an admin licence you can configure your catalogue and catalogue items in your collection.


Download bibliographic records for books from Google Books, Discover Library Hub and other bibliographic sources.

2,000 Titles

Catalogue 2,000 titles.
Add more as necessary.

Experience the software yourself with a 30-day free trial

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