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A legal library system tailored for your needs

Legal libraries vary greatly in their scope, operations, and needs. Some legal librarians simply need to accurately audit and efficiently organise their collections. Others need to monitor loans, and many are also required to create distribution lists, monitor subscriptions to periodicals and journals, and track finances. With Simple Little Library System, you’ll only pay for what you need.

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“What’s great about SLLS is my Admin Dashboard. As soon as I login I can see exactly what I need to do, catalogue corrections, overdue orders or serial parts updates. Because I work part-time this legal library software is such a time saver for me. It is also very reassuring when faced with those unexpected queries about new acquisitions or new editions, I can answer quickly and confidently from that one screen that orders have been made or we are up to date.”

Julie Keys, Legal Information Manager at Fox Williams

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Under resourced?

We save your time with automated cataloguing from legal sources.

You can use AutoCat to download bibliographic details like title, author, edition and publisher for books straight into your catalogue. Our sources include Google Books, Wildy’s and Library Hub Discover (formerly Copac). 

AutoCat automatically creates one copy located in your usual library space. It also adds the front book cover image so lawyers can recognise your resources readily. Think of the time you can save!

Budgets under pressure?

We know that budgets are always under pressure, so we provide affordable library software that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Buy only what you need. We don’t tie you into lengthy contracts: pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

After the first 12 months you can give one month’s notice before the end of your next payment term.

Are your lawyers confused about where to find information?

Give lawyers one search for print & electronic resources AND knowledge

It’s not just about print and published resources. We offer a single system for print and electronic, published and unpublished resources, external and internal knowledge. This means lawyers don’t have to think about which application to search. A unified search allows users to quickly find resources and improve their productivity. Give your firm the competitive edge.

“We migrated to SLLS last year. The transition was smooth and we had a good response to the few ‘tweaks’ needed. The new product is very clear and well laid out, so training lawyers is easy, as the layout is now so like other main databases they use. The check-in/check-out facility works well. The Admin function is also pretty clear – and where it isn’t, a call or email to Bailey’s is answered promptly. I have also used the short training videos and they are clear and useful.”

Anne Storey, Library Officer at Sackers