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Simple Little Library System isn’t just used for books. The system’s inherent flexibility means it can be adapted for all sorts of other media – even material and product samples. Ultimately, a materials library is still a library – there are items that need cataloguing, auditing, and loaning to people. And SLLS makes it all straightforward, even for non-librarians.

Our Sharing Package is a popular choice for architects and other professionals and businesses. It features a comprehensive but user-friendly cataloguing system, and all the tools you’ll need to create loans, track them, and communicate with borrowers.

Because SLLS is entirely web-based, your sales staff and customers can search your catalogue and reserve items from anywhere – they just need an internet connection.

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“”They tailor to your needs and make sure everything is perfect for you. Customer service and support is excellent. Training is good as well. The videos are excellent. I certainly recommend this software to any organisation who has a library. I have used many in my time, this one certainly reaches the top of my list.”

Maya McCoy, Information Manager, Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board

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Under resourced?

We save your time with automated cataloguing from legal sources.

You can use AutoCat to download bibliographic details like title, author, edition and publisher for books straight into your catalogue. Our sources include Google Books, Wildy’s and Library Hub Discover (formerly Copac).

AutoCat automatically creates one copy located in your usual library space. It also adds the front book cover image so library users can recognise your resources readily. Think of the time you can save!

Budgets under pressure?

We know that budgets are always under pressure, so we provide affordable library software that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Buy only what you need. We don’t tie you into lengthy contracts: pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

After the first 12 months you can give one month’s notice before the end of your next payment term.

Do your professionals have trouble finding the information they need?

It’s not just about print and published resources. We offer a single system for print and electronic, published and unpublished resources, external and internal knowledge. This means users don’t have to think about which application to search.

A unified search allows users to quickly find resources and improve their productivity. Give your firm the competitive edge.

Sally explains that she didn't have to pay for expensive training

Bailey Solutions supplies a searchable help centre with instructions, while the support team respond quickly to her support requests.

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Kim was frustrated with the lack of help she received from her old supplier. Kim tried Simple Little Library System and found she could phone or email support and speak with a named individual who knew what they were talking about. At the end of the trial she decided to go ahead because it was going to save her money, and she felt that Bailey Solutions’ team was keen to help.

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