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Our library software is practical and affordable for nursery schools, primary schools, independent schools of all sizes.

Affordable and easy to use library software

If you’re running a school library, our system is the ideal choice. Your borrowers can search the user-friendly online catalogue from almost anywhere, place reservations, and even self-loan using the dedicated Check-In/Check-Out screen.

Meanwhile, our AutoCat tool will populate the records in your catalogue using just an ISBN,  by downloading data from several reliable online sources. Your latest acquisitions will be online and visible to your borrowers in no time.

Our reporting tools will let you track borrowers’ habits and keep on top of auditing your collection. What’s more, there are no set-up costs and no limitations on the number of library users. It’s a great system that gives you the flexibility to grow.

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Make your library catalogue a pleasure to peruse on any device
The Junior and Senior School Logo

Helen Polydorou, Librarian

The Junior & Senior School, Cyprus

"We ended up with a brilliantly simple, user friendly, logical system that is adaptable to any end user. The system is fun to use and the students love the fact that they can communicate with the library - I love the fact that it automatically reminds them of their overdue books.  Simple little things that make a librarian’s life so much easier."

Gilbert Inglefield School logo

Rachel White, Librarian

Gilbert Academy, UK

"We moved from a large, corporate-driven management system, focused on selling you further products. The difference in SLLS is having very similar product without the commercialism and it has cost saving benefits. We love its simplicity, with the ability to carry out tasks in a straightforward, logical way."

Robin Stewart, Librarian

The Teresian School, Ireland 

"Very easy to use, hassle-free interaction with responsive, informed, friendly customer support, suits needs of the library perfectly, good degree of reportage functionality and right level of student engagement capability. Much less expensive than closest competitors but has full range of capability and functionality they offer."

Experience the software yourself with a 30-day free trial

Why you should switch library software
and start your free trial today

Pupils find your current system clunky?

Pupils will enjoy searching the online catalogue and locating items in your library.

With Simple Little Library System you and your users can simply access your online catalogue from anywhere and search for titles in your own collection. It’s a great way to spread your knowledge and share your catalogue with the wider community.

Or your online catalogue can be reference only for information purposes.

You would like to save money?

We know as a school library that you need to be responsible and careful about how you spend your money.

You’ll enjoy the fact that Simple Little Library System is a very affordable library system with flexible pricing. You buy only what you need, when you need it.

Keep your Finance Director happy by saving money compared to your current system. That’s more money to spend on other good causes!

Your current library system is difficult to use?

Simple Little Library System is easy for volunteers or staff to use with low training overheads. It has an automatic cataloguing tool called AutoCat.

You can use AutoCat to download bibliographic details like title, author, edition and publisher for books straight into your catalogue. AutoCat also adds the front book cover image so you can recognise your books more readily.

Think of the time you can save!

Sally explains that she didn't have to pay for expensive training

Bailey Solutions supplies a searchable help centre with instructions, while the support team respond quickly to her support requests.

Click on the image to watch the video and hear for yourself.

Still not sure? Hear Kim's experience of her free 30-day library software trial

Kim was frustrated with the lack of help she received from her old supplier. Kim tried Simple Little Library System and found she could phone or email support and speak with a named individual who knew what they were talking about. At the end of the trial she decided to go ahead because it was going to save her money, and she felt that Bailey Solutions’ team was keen to help.

Click on the image to hear about Kim’s experience of the free trial.